Space Exploration
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There are 30 fifteen-minute programs and 1 four-minute program.

The History of Space Exploration

  1. The X-15: How a Plane Put NASA on the Path to Manned Space Flight
  2. Project Mercury: The US Space Program Begins
  3. In Race to Space, the Winner Was a Russian
  4. Race to the Moon: The Days of Project Gemini
  5. Race to the Moon: Gemini 6 and 7 Meet High Above Earth in 1965
  6. Race to the Moon: NASA and the Early Apollo Flights of the 1960s
  7. 'That's One Small Step for Man': The Apollo 11 Moon Landing
  8. The Story of Apollo 13: 'Houston, We've Had a Problem Here'
  9. NASA's Final Apollo Missions: The Last Footsteps on the Moon
  10. 'Mercury 13' Women Followed a Dream but Could Never Live It

More ...

  1. Teacher in Space Answers Questions From Students (4:00)
  2. America's Space Agency Turns 50
  3. Space Station Remains a Work in Progress, One Great Big Piece at a Time
  4. It's a Zoo Up There in Space. Make That a Galaxy Zoo
  5. A Direct Look at Five Planets Far From Our Solar System
  6. New Telescope to Search for Life Beyond Earth
  7. Part-Time Astronomer Makes a Rare Discovery Looking at Jupiter
  8. Sounds of the Solar System Are Music to the Ears (of Space Scientists)
  9. Criticism Weighs Heavy on New Solar System
  10. Messenger Visits One of the Least Known Places in the Solar System: Mercury
  11. Space 2009: Water on the Moon, Methane Gas on Mars and the Ares Program
  12. New Plan for NASA Aims Beyond the Moon (2010-04-27)
  13. Among 1,200 Possible Planets, Some Seem Like Our Own (2011-02-08)
  14. Space Shuttle Program Nears an End (2011-03-28)
  15. The Evolution of Spacesuits (2011-04-05)
  16. Test of Big Space Rocket Set for Late 2012 (2011-04-10)
  17. Is NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope a Time Machine? (2011-05-22)
  18. Deep Space Is Next Aim for NASA After Shuttles (2011-07-17)
  19. After 30 Years, the Space Shuttle Program Retires (2011-07-26)
  20. Astronomers Still Look to Hubble Space Telescope (2011-08-28)
  21. Space Junk Threatens Earth’s Orbital Environment (2011-09-19)

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