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There are over 800,000 good proofread sentences

There are over 550,000 sentences with audio
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There are currently 1261 Japanese sentences with audio.

Sentences that have no "owners" are less likely be be good.

This is a list of the Japanese native speakers and how many sentences each of them have. It's not yet possible on tatoeba.org to search sentences by all of these native speakers at the same time. This is not the ideal way to search, but you can search sentences by individual native speakers and be more confident that the sentences are good.
There is no list of proofread Japanese sentence. Many of the Japanese sentences are not the most natural way things are said in Japanese, and some of the sentences have errors. Please read the warning about the data from the Tateoba Project
  • Please read the Warning about the data from the Tateoba Project.
  • The original search that was online from about 2008 to 2016 has been taken offline since it was putting too much load on my server
  • The current search form creates a customise "advanced search" for tatoeba.org.
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